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Services for Tax Professionals

​Your State Tax Office!

  • The big accounting firms (like PwC which I was a part of for many years) maintain a staff in Washington, D.C. to consult with on tough federal income tax problems.  If you’re not in a big accounting firm, you may have affiliated offices with other firms in your network where you can locate a specialist.  But neither a Washington National Office nor an affiliate office in another state is likely to be of much help with a state tax issue.  That’s where I can help.
  • The Washington, D.C. staff typically are folks who used to write rules and regulations for the IRS.  I used to work for the Hawaii Department of Taxation and wrote rules and regulations for them when I was there.

Need a Second Pair of Eyes?

  • If you’re an accounting firm or a law firm and your client comes to you with an issue important enough to want a written tax opinion, you may want a second, critical pair of eyes to look at the work. That’s where I can help.

Do You Have Clients That Could Use a Diagnostic Review?

  • How can you be a god or hero in your client’s eyes?  Find them an issue that nets them a decent refund.
  • Even if you find an issue that looks bad, your client can at least plan for developing a good defense.  If the revenue agency finds the issue first, they charge penalties and interest while you don’t.

Development of Additional Service Offerings

  • I might be able to call your attention to certain fact patterns that I have seen before and found a solution for.  We can then see if the solution works for some of your clients.

Tax Quality Control P​​rogram Reviews

  • Does your practice have a tax quality control program?  If not, you might consider developing one and I can help you do that.  If you do, I can be an independent third party who can test compliance with the program you have.​